Tiananmen Square&Beijing Hutong & Shicha Lake Night Tour(Duration:8-12 Hours)


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Special Experiences: South Luogu Lane was among the first 25 areas listed for historical preservation by the Beijing Municipal Government

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Tiananmen Square & Beijing Hutong & Shicha Lake Night Tour
Tiananmen Square Brief Introduction

Tiananmen Square is located in the center of Beijing, 880 m long from south to north, 500 m wide from west to east. It is the world’s largest city square with an area of 440,000 m² and capable to hold 1 million people.

The square has recorded several significant events that happened in Chinese contemporary revolution history, including the May Fourth Movement in 1919, the Jan 29th Movement in 1935 and the May 20th Movement in 1947. After the establishment of New China, the square was widened by building Monument to the People’s Heroes in the center, Great Hall of the People in the west, Chinese Revolution Museum and Chinese History Museum in the east and Chairman Mao Memorial Hall in the south.

Nanluoguxiang Hutong Brief Introduction

Also called Nanluoguxiang, Nanluogu Alley, (Nanluoguxiang Hutong) South Luogu Lane is 786 meters long and 8 meters wide, connecting Gulou East St. on its north and Dianmen East St. on the south. South Luogu Lane was built in 1267 when Yuan Da Du was constructed, and was a component of the market area in Yuan Da Du’s urban layout, which had the imperial government built in the front, the market area at the back, the imperial ancestral temple on the left, and the sacrificial altar on the right. The lane was part of the Zhaohui Community in the Yuan Dynasty, and served as the dividing line between the Zhaohui community and the Jinggong Community in the Ming Dynasty. It was under the jurisdiction of the Xianghuang Banner during the years of Emperor Qianlong, and belonged to the Left III Community in the late years of Emperor Guangxu and during the years ofEmperor Xuantong. During the Republic of China years, it belonged to the Inner V Community. The Lane was called “Luoguo Lane”in the Ming Dynasty due to its “luoguo” feature with the middle part higher than the two ends. In 1750, the lane got a homonymic name of “Luogu Lane”, and was divided into South Luogu Lane and Northern Luogu Lane(now within the Andingmen Community). The name of the lane remained “South Luogu Lane” during and after the years of the Republic of China. The Hutong was briefly called “Huihuang St.”during the Cultural Revolution and later regained its current name. South Luogu Lane was built under the architectural concept of “residential blocks” with the lane serving as the central line dividing 8 parallel Hutongs on each side, hence forming the outlook of a fish bone, or a “Wugong”. Thus, the lane was also called “Wugong Lane”. South Luogu Lane is the only remaining traditional residential area in China that still fully preserves the chessboard style layout of Hutongs typically found in the Yuan Dynasty, with its scale, quality and historical value unmatched by any other lanes. South Luogu Lane was among the first 25 areas listed for historical preservation by the Beijing Municipal Government in November 1990. Currently, within the South Luogu Lane area, one site has been listed for national level preservation, 11 sites for municipal level preservation, and 9 sites for districtlevel preservation. With its impressive historical and cultural legacy, South Luogu Lane has become an attractive area for tourism and cultural creativity in the ancient capital Beijing.

Shicha Lake Brief Introduction

Shicha Lake (The Three Rear Lakes ) Located in the southwest of the Drum Tower in beautiful surroundings, Shicha Lake has a history of about 700 years in the Yuan Dynasty (1279_1368). It assumed its present name in the Ming Dynasty (1368_1644). Strolling along its shoreline, the visitor can appreciate the lake’s glimmering blue water, its graceful weeping willows, its twisting railings and the flower-and-tree-covered central island. Pleasure boats are available for rowing and the banks are amply provided with shady places to rest. A swimming area in the lake is open every summer.

Shichahai Scenic Zone, beginning from the Second Ring Road in the north to Ping’an Avenue in the south and from Di’anmenwai Street in the east to Xingjiekou Street in the west, is a paradise for tourists. It encompasses 146.7 hectares(362.5 acres). The Zone is the only area in the city center where vast open waters, comprised by Xihai (West Lake), Houhaai(back or Rear Lake) and Qianhai (Front Lake ) lakes, exist. More than 40 units for protection of historical relics are located there. They include the former residence of honorary president of People’s Republic of China Soong Ching Ling(1893_1981); Guo Moruo(1892_1978) Museum, which is devoted to the famous writer, poet and historian; and Guanghua Temple.

Cheap Tiananmen Square & Beijing Hutong & Shicha Lake Night Tour

Detailed Itinerary

Our English speaking guide and driver will wait for you at meeting point at Starbucks Coffee(After customs of Starbucks)in Terminal 1、 Terminal 2、Terminal 3 of Beijing airport on time. Then drive to Tiananmen Square , Beijing Hutong(South Luogu Lane), Shicha Lake (The Three Rear Lakes. At last Tranfer you back to airport(1 hour). Our service is over. See you next time. This tour is suitable for your arrival at Beijing airport at Beijing time 10:00PM and departure at 11PM Beijing time or later.

Price: from $40 p/p
Duration: 8—12 Hours

Starting Date: You Choose


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This itinerary does not include HOTEL.


  • $=U.S. dollar.
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Tour Inclusions

  • Admission fees for all of the sightseeing spots listed in the itinerary.
  • English-speaking tour guide and vehicle for transfers & sightseeing.
  • Service charge & government taxes.
  • Free-bottled mineral water.
  • China life tourist accident/casualty insurance.

Tour Exclusions

  • Personal expenses.
  • Gratuities, Tips to guides or drivers.


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