Lama Temple & Confucius Temple &the State Council of Beijing Tour(Duration: 8-10 Hours)

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Tour Type:private Tour Guide & Private Vehicle

Price:From $50 p/p

Starting Date:every day (Confucius Temple &the State Council of Beijing close on every Monday)

Special Experiences:Exploring the strange and mysterious architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties

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Lama Temple Brief Introduction

Built in 1694, the Lama Temple is located in the northeast of Beijing. It was built as a mansion by Kangxi, the second emperor of Qing Dynasty (1636-1911), for his son Yongzheng who is the third emperor. With yellow tiles and red walls, the Lama Temple has the same standard with Forbidden City. The mansion turned into a temple of Buddhism in 1744. The Lama Temple is reputed as the Buddhist temple of the highest standard in China. Lama Temple is formed by the archway, the Heavenly Guardian Hall, the Hall of Mahavira, the Hall of Eternal Blessing, the Hall of Dharma Wheel and Wanfu Hall with compound halls in the east and west. As the courtyard of the temple becomes smaller from south to north, the hall becomes taller which represent the features of ethical architectures. Besides the layout of the temple and the majestic decorations of the halls, the unique Buddhist relics in the temple are also worth to see. Lama Temple is regarded as the Buddhist Mu-seum. Dalai and Panchen Lama who are the two living Buddha in Tibet once propagandized in the temple. As a religion stage, Lama Temple has its significant position in the aspects of religion, cul-ture and national unity. It is a cultural relic in value of history, art and science.

Confucius Temple Brief Introduction

The Confucius temple in Beijing is located in guozijian street, dongcheng district, Beijing. It is the place where Confucius was sacrificed in the yuan, Ming and qing dynasties in China. It is also known as one of the four great Confucian temples in China, along with the Confucius temple in nanjing, the Confucius temple in jilin and the wen temple in qufu. It was built in the sixth year of yuan dynasty (1302), the tenth year of dade (1306), and rebuilt in the ninth year of Ming dynasty (1411).

Confucius temple is a temple for Confucius, a famous thinker, educator and world cultural celebrity. It has a long history. The Confucius temple in Beijing was built in 1302 (the sixth year of dade in yuan dynasty) and completed in 1306 (the tenth year of dade). In 1530 (the ninth year of jiajing), a shrine was built to honor the five generations of Confucius. In 1906 (32nd year of guangxu reign), the dacheng hall was expanded and the Confucius temple began to take on its present size. The whole Confucius temple is divided into three courtyards, covering an area of about 22,000 square meters. The main building is distributed along the central axis, which is symmetrical to the left and right of the traditional Chinese architectural layout. In the long history of more than 700 years, it has become a sacred place for the rulers of yuan, Ming and qing dynasties to respect Confucius and worship Confucianism, advocate enlightenment, and advocate cultural context. It has also become a hall of worship for many scholars who aspire to fame. The ancient imperial buildings, older than the Forbidden City, encapsulate the essence of Confucian culture for thousands of years and solidify a centuries-long journey of imperial examinations. Strolling in the temple of Confucius with its to-wering cypress trees, numerous stone monuments and high church of chung chi, far from the noise of the city, it is really elegant to touch the pulse of history and culture and feel the extensive and profound traditional Chinese culture with a tranquil and indifferent heart.

The State Council of Beijing Brief Introduction

Guozijian street, inside anding gate, dongcheng district, Beijing, is an east-west lane. In the Qing dynasty, it was called “chengxian street” because of the Confucius temple and the imperial college. It was also called the imperial college hutong. On June 14, 2008, the ancient street of the imperial college with a history of more than 700 years was re-presented as the “old face”. After renovation, the Confucius temple and the imperial college have restored their historical patterns and regula-tions. It was officially opened to the public, and the Confucius temple and the imperial college mu-seum in Beijing were officially opened.

Founded in the tenth year of emperor chengzong dade in yuan dynasty (1306), the imperial college of Beijing is the highest administrative organ and the highest institution of learning established by the state to manage education in yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. The imperial college of Beijing is located in the street of imperial college in anding gate.

During the Ming dynasty, the imperial college was established in Nanjing and Beijing re-spectively. The imperial college in Nanjing was called the “southern prison” or “southern yong”, while the imperial college in Beijing was called the “northern prison” or “northern yong”.

CheapLama Temple & Confucius Temple &the State Council of BeijingTours

Detailed Itinerary

Our English speaking guide and driver will wait for you at meeting point at Starbucks Coffee(After customs of Starbucks)in Terminal 1、Terminal 2、Terminal 3 of Beijing airport on time. Then drive to Lama Temple & Confucius Temple &the State Council of Beijing. You will have (1hour) at Lama Temple. Then visit Confucius Temple &the State Council of Beijing Forbidden City (1hour, you can decide to stay longer or shorter time) .Then tranfer you back to airport(1 hour).This tour is suitable for your arrival at Beijing airport at Beijing time before 8AM and departs at 7PM Beijing time or later. Our service is over. See you next time.

Price: from $50 p/p

Duration: 8-10 Hours

Starting Date: You Choose


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This itinerary does not include HOTEL.


  • $=U.S. dollar.
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  • If you are a group of 10 or 10 people above, please contact us, we could give a very compet-itive discount.
  • Payment in advance, or you can pay cash to the tour guide when you aboard the vehicle.

Tour Inclusions

  • Admission fees for all of the sightseeing spots listed in the itinerary.
  • English-speaking tour guide and vehicle for transfers & sightseeing.
  • Service charge & government taxes.
  • Free-bottled mineral water.
  • China life tourist accident/casualty insurance.

Tour Exclusions

  • Personal expenses.
  • Gratuities, Tips to guides or drivers.


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