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Beijing Brief Introduction


Beijing, as the capital of the People’s Republic of China has attracted world’sattention. It is the nation’s economic, political, cultural, educational and scientific exchange center as well as key transportation junction. With apopulation of 21 million ,38% migrants(2016), Beijing contains 16 districts and countries covering an area of 16807.8 km2 (62% mountain areas,1,368.32 km2 urban areas). The city borders Hebei Province to the north,west and south, and Tianjin Municipality to the east.


Two central districts of Beijing are New Dongcheng District and New Xicheng District (originally four districts, Chongwen and Xuanwu districts are amalgamated into them respectively) located within or just beyond 2nd Ring Road. Four districts, Shijingshan, Haidian, Chaoyang, Fengtai are fairly close to the center, hence referred to as the inner suburbs. The remaining ten districts and countries are quite far from the center, also called outer suburbs and rural Beijing, including Tongzhou District, Changping and Shunyi Districts(northern suburbs), Mentougou, Fangshan and DaxingDistricts ( western andsouthern suburbs), Yanqing and Miyun countries, Huairou and Pinggu Districts ( Rural Beijing).


The charm of Beijing not only lies in its core place as the capital of China but also the rich and unique culture and history. As early as 500,000 years ago,ancient Peking Man lived at Zhoukoudian, which is now a town of Fangshan District of Beijing. It was one of China’s eight ancient capitals that served the ancient China for nearly 800 years. Since 938, Beijing started to serve as the capital city of China in Liao Dynasty, subsequently, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. The names of the city have gone by the names of Ji, Yanjing,Zhongdu, Dadu, etc and finally Beijing in the Ming Dynasty by Emperor ChengZu in 1421. Before 1949, Beijing was known as Peking by the Western world. After 1949, the city’s name returned to Beijing, as it is known today.


Thus, the city has numerous places of historic interest and beautiful sceneries,most of which are world wonders, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. Beijing people are very hospital and welcome travelers from all over the world under the slogan ‘One World, one Dream’.As a celebrated international tourist center, Beijing is filled with spots of historical importance, from the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, to old mansions, religious shrines, and traditional hutong alleyways. Classical architecture is gracefully blended with modern structures. The old and new live alongside in peaceful harmony. More importance is placed on greenery and parks, trees, and flowers beautify the city. Whether you enjoy art, history, entertainment, or nightlife, Beijing is a must-see destination with Spring andAutumn being the best seasons for traveling in Beijing.


Beijing Transfer Tours Brief Introduction
During your airport transfer time in Beijing, Maybe, you will be bored or nowhere to go while waiting for transfer.,but you do not want to waste your precious time while waiting for transfer.You still don’t want to miss the opportunity to have a short tour of Beijing City, but only a few hours are available for your stay. Then what will you do? Now, we offer you a short travel service in Beijing. Just contact Beijing Transfer Time Tours travel service and it will be very easy. Beijing Transfer Time Tours elaborates Beijing short stop tours to the essence attractions including Forbidden City, Great Wall, etc,ranging from 3 to 7 hours, such as 3Hours Mutianyu Short Time Tour, 4Hours Forbidden City Short Time Tour,2 Hours Temple of Heaven Short Time Tour,1.5 Beihai Park Short Time Tour,2 Hours Summer Palace Short Time Tour.


The Benefits of Beijing Transfer Tours:First, Transfer Tours can build your confidence. For example ,Traveling anywhere — especially across cultures — is an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. Sometimes this means having to behave in a way that’s unnatural or awkward to you, but you know is required in the new setting, like being more deferential or using small talk. Stretching your comfort zone might also mean doing something that scares you a bit, like going to a country you never imagined visiting — or where you don’t know the language at all — and successfully navigating the experience. There are many challenges of international short-term travel and successfully conquering them can be a great confidence-booster. Second,Spending time in a foreign country can also expand your creativity. For example ,research studies have shown that people are often at their most creative and “cognitively flexible” when spending time in a different setting.Encountering difference in a new place — even in the simplest objects like traffic signs — can expand your mind and open you up to more possibilities.Not only that, but when you are forced to solve problems (like how to place an order when every item on the menu looks the same, or how to get to acritical meeting on time when transit workers are on strike), your brain can’t rely on what it already knows. It must experiment and innovate. The most immediate benefit to your company may simply be that you will see innovations and ways of operating that you’ve never thought of before, and you can then bring that knowledge back home.

Why do you choose us?

We have an excellent and devoted team. Our team is mainly constituted by website writers and technical supporters, tour consultants, guides and drivers.All of the staff is professional with 8 years’ experience for the least. Everymember plays an important role in the whole travel operation.


The website writers enable the website content as detailed as possible so that it could be a guide book for you to know your Beijing tour well, and the technicians can guarantee the website works in a smooth way.


As for the tour consultants, they are your direct contact to make the complete itinerary for you, included hotel and flight reservation service as requested.They strive to offer you the most suitable and enjoyable itinerary to your interest and the best discounted hotels and flight with the guarantee of quality.Besides, they are always right here in Beijing ready to answer your questions referring to the tour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

What do we do ?

Beijing Transfer Tours supplies considerate customer services is our target. Taking this idea as our vision and target, we try our best to provide quality services with reasonable prices to travelers from all over the world,making us one of the best known brand of China inbound tourism, especiallyof Beijing tours. Our professional team can make your stay in Beijing and other parts of China both enjoyable and memorable. We also welcome our potential partners to join us and grow together!


We could supply guides that are able to speak different languages in a fluent way and English ones are major. They are not only familiar with Beijing attractions but also they could tell about them in depth up to the social,historical and cultural dimensions. What’s more, they are sincere in communication with the customers. While for our drivers, all of them are licensed, polite and long years experienced with no accident record.
In all, our specialty and devotion assures you a pleasant journey in Beijing

Our Tour Guide & Driver

A guide and driver are quite necessary in your tour trip. A professional guide and experienced driver are a must. All guides provided by Beijing Tours Guide are qualified professionals and registered English Speaking Tourist Guides in China relative travel administrative department, who are reassessed annually. Not only can they guide you around every attraction but also lead you deeper into Chinese culture by telling background stories of the toursites. Regarding to our drivers, they are all licensed and experienced with no traffic accident record. Moreover, both our guides and driver are considerateand responsible.


At the airport, you would be met in time, greeted by our fluently English-speaking guide and transferred safely to hotel by our driver. As your tour commences, the driver would drive you to every destination in your itinerary and the guide would accompany you during the whole sightseeing process.Both the guide and driver would be at your service throughout the tour.


Finally, our guides and drivers have a great organizing and accommodating ability so they can handle various unexpected events during your tour and assure you of a wonderful tour experience in Beijing or other cities of China.